Thursday, April 22, 2010

Astronomy Day!

This year Astronomy day will be held on this upcoming Saturday, April 24, and like in past years, SFFU will be hosting a Grill Stand for fun and profit... err, donations.

We need volunteers! We'll need grillers, money handlers, sign makers, plate wranglers, food fetchers, and bright happy faces (or sarcastic bitter ones, perhaps) to attract the Astronomy Day attendees for food acquisition. Drop in volunteers are always welcome! Come for an hour or the whole day.

We'll plan on meeting at 11:30am on the lawn outside Fiske Planetarium - for those with giant metal people carriers, there is free parking up the hill by the observatory. Based on past years, we will grill until our weekly meeting at 6pm.

WHAT: SFFU BBQ at Astronomy Day!
WHO: You and any other willing victims
WHY: Because it's fun, and the club makes lots of money
WHEN: 11:30am - 5:30pm on Sat, 4/24
WHERE: Next to Fiske Planetarium on campus

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